Name Lorena - Meaning of origin

Name Lorena - Meaning of origin

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Lorena is a girl's name frequently used in England. It is derived from "Lauren". This name was a huge hit with the release of the American song "Lorena", composed by Joseph Webster in 1856. For this song, the composer would have been inspired by a character from Poe's poem "The Raven" or "The Raven" ". This name would be an anagram of "Lenore".

In English, the roots of the name "Lorena" come from "Lore", which refers to "laurel tree" or simply "laurel". It symbolizes victory and honor.

In Latin, the meaning of the name Lorena is "Laurel" and also refers to "laurel", to victory and honor.


Lorena Rojas, real name Seydi Lorena Rojas Gonzalez, singer, songwriter and actress of Mexican origin, famous for her various roles in telenovela, Lorena Bernal, actress and a model married to the Spanish footballer Mikel Arteta, captain of Arsenal.

Sainte Laure, whose name Lorena is a variant, was a ninth century nun. After the death of her husband, she became a nun. She was later sentenced and killed for refusing to convert to Islam.

His character :

The Lorena are spiritual, intuitive, idealistic and imaginative women. They seek to know the true meaning of life and achieve it through meditation and calm. Avant-gardists and visionaries, they are inspired by everything and anything, seeking beauty in the simplest of things.


Laurenna, Lauren, Loren, Lorenna, Lore and Laure.

His party :

The Lorena are celebrated on August 10th.

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