Name Lorenzo - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Italians, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From latin laurus, "laurel".
This Italian form of the name Laurent appears to be more popular than the French version.


American comedian and director Lorenzo Lamas, Italian comic book author Lorenzo Mattotti, Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy, Spanish motorcycle speed rider Lorenzo Guerrero, American actor Lorenzo James Henrie, Quattrocento Italian sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti ( 1378-1455), the 16th century Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1557), the Italian motor racing driver (1935-1967), the Italian cyclist Lorenzo Bernucci, the Italian motorcycle rider Lorenzo Zanetti.

Lorenzo's patron saint was Laurent of Rome who was a deacon who died as a martyr in Rome. He was, in the 250s, commissioned by Pope Sixtus II to administer the property of the Church of Rome.

His character :

Lorenzo stands out for his natural charm and great eloquence. It gives off a certain magnetism, which makes it attractive and irresistible. Sociable and warm, Lorenzo knows how to bring others together to the same cause. With excellent listening skills, he is always attentive to the needs of his family.


Lawrence, Laureano, Laurenti, Lorenso, Lorentz, Lorez, Laurenzio, Laurenzino, Laurano, Laurens, Laurentian, Laurentius.

His party :

The Lorenzo are celebrated on August 10th.

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