Name Elyane - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Elyane himself from Elijah, the name Elyane comes from the Hebrew terms el and ish meaning respectively "God is my salvation" or "Yahweh is God".


Elyane Célis (1914-1962), British singer.

His character :

Elyane is independent from a young age, she already has a free spirit. Dedicated and passionate about those she loves, Élyane gives without counting. Very early showing courage and perfectionism, she will become a hard worker. Gifted with a real gift for the organization, she will be quick and lively in her learning. This is how Élyane will enjoy growing up, especially since it will do so quickly. A critical mind and an upright righteousness will give Elyane a strong personality. Full and assertive, she will not give credit to mediocrity. Sincere and faithful in friendship, Élyane is affectionate. This princess will need tenderness and love to be fully realized. Combining self-confidence and determination, Elyane perseveres to the end in everything she undertakes. When she is motivated enough, Élyane will put the heart to the work and will emerge brilliantly, whatever the field concerned.


Eliana, Marie-Eliane, Elianah, Elyanne, Héliane and Héliannah are all variants of Élyane.

His party :

Elyane is celebrated on July 20th.

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