Name Nohra - Meaning of the origin

Name Nohra - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Nohra is a feminine given name of Arab origin, but other linguistic sources also attribute it to a Greek origin.

By its Arab origin, Nohra comes from noor meaning "light".

The Greek meaning is similar, "sun burst".


No Nohra celebrates to this day, your little ray of sunshine will perhaps be?

His Norah derivative, however, has several celebrities: Norah Jones, Indo-American singer, Norah Krief, French actress, Norah McClintock, Quebec writer, Norah Flatley, American gymnast, Norah Vincent, American novelist.

His character :

Nohra is a little hustler who does not hold up. His entourage may even have trouble keeping up with his hectic pace. An extrovert, Nohra does not like to live in the shadows, she is made for the light. She needs to express herself to live fully. Nohra gives little credit to his intuition and will prefer logical reasoning from an early age. Very cheerful, she seduces his entourage. Nohra controls her emotions well. Her reactions are always prompt and wherever she goes, she needs to be the center of attention. Very surrounded by friends, Nohra has a great sense of friendship. She also has a big heart and is always listening to others.


Norah, Nohrane, Noorah, Noor and Noohra are all variations of Nohra.

His party :

Nohra is celebrating on June 25th.

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