Numa Name Meaning And Origin

Numa Name Meaning And Origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Latin, Provencal

Meaning of the name:

The name Numa comes from the Latin "numidiae" which means "nice, beautiful". This name also comes from the Greek "nomos" which means "the law".

Numa is a name of Latin origin, originally from the city of Rome. This name is rare and has become a Provençal name that is also found in Switzerland.


Numa Pompilius, second legendary king of Rome, who reigned from 715 to 672 BC and is at the origin of the religious organization of the city and the establishment of the liturgical calendar. He is one of the main founders of the city of Rome.

Let's also mention Numa Simorre, who was the first king of Talence, Numa Andoire, French football player, Numa, Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges, French historian, Numa Monnard, Swiss footballer, Numa-Polydore Haering, known as Numa, French actor of the nineteenth century.

It is also the name of a novel by Alphonse Daudet, Numa Roumestan.

His character :

Numa has a lively and inquisitive mind from her earliest childhood. A little daredevil on the edges, he settles with time but keeps his adventurous spirit. With him, no way to be bored!


Many, Emmanuel

His party :

August 9

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