Animal names: a not so stupid choice

Animal names: a not so stupid choice

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What if you hunt ideas in the animal world for your baby's first name? Easy by trusting the etymology. Leo, Ronan, Hafsa, Martin, Hayato, Hermine, Wolf ... under these names hides each time a small (or big) animal.

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  • Male first name.
  • From Latin "leo", which means lion. Running in France during the first centuries of our era, Leo was subsequently used mainly in Italy and the English-speaking countries in the form Leo without accent. It was not until the end of the 19th century that little French lions roared again!
  • This name has for patron saint Pope Leo I, who in 451 recognized the Virgin Mary as the mother of God and saved Rome from the hordes of Attila.
  • His party : November 10th.
  • Its derivatives: Lee, Leo, Lenny, Lionel, Leo, Leo.


  • Male first name.
  • From Irish "Ronan", which means the young seal.
  • This Irish name became popular in France in the 1970s when Celtic-sounding names began to be fashionable.
  • Saint Ronan was an Irish bishop in the sixth century, a friend of St. Patrick, who settled in Brittany in a town that now bears his name, Locronan.
  • His party : June 1st.
  • Its derivatives: Renan, Reunan.

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