Name Sébastien - Meaning of origin

Name Sébastien - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

From the Greek sebastos meaning "revered" or "respected".

In ancient times, it was customary to add "sebastos" on behalf of the emperors as an honorary mark


Malagasy television host Sébastien Folin, French statistician Sébastien Bottin, French footballer Sébastien Squillaci, entrepreneur Sébastien Pissavy and French opera singer Sébastien Guèze.

Saint Sebastian was a Roman soldier converted to Christianity and died as a martyr in the third century. He is often represented in the arts, attached to a pole, his body pierced with arrows.

His character :

Charismatic, Sebastian uses his magnetism to get what he wants in life ... and it works! Enlightened to know, he wants to understand everything from an early age. Growing up, he develops his perfectionist nature, thus leading him to always give the best of himself. Ambitious and proud, he is also very player. Malicious and quick-witted, he has the ability to excel in many areas, just encourage him from a young age to exploit his full potential.


Bastia, Sebastian, Bastiano, Bastien, Sebastiano, Sebastan and Sebastiao.

His party :

Sébastien is in the spotlight on January 20th.

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