Names: biblical, retro, historical, celtic ...

Choose a name for your baby ... a whole story! We offer the story of names by theme: historical names, retro, Celts, biblical ... Origin, meaning, date of celebration, derived, you will undoubtedly find a source of inspiration.

Discover all our first name ideas

The top 20 first names of 2020

What will be the first names in the top 20 side girls and boys in 2020? The winners have been published by the Officials' First Name (first ed.). Emma and Gabriel are still in the lead. Discover it quickly!

Emma and Gabriel at the top!

30 first names in "el" or "she" for he or she

Are you looking for a name for baby? Our girls and boys selection of names ending in "el" or "her" should give you wings ... and lots of good ideas!

Let's go ?

Too beautiful, the first names in "o"

Oh ! Enzo, Cléo, Timéo, Calypso, Hugo ... the names ending in O have a little Latino side that appeals to parents. And you, will you be seduced by our selection?

Nice, the names!

10 names of adventurers

Want an adventurous name for your little girl? Travelers, explorers, researchers ... On the occasion of the release of the new film Tomb Raider, we offer 10 names of women who have crossed the continents and braved all the dangers.

Ready for adventure?

Short names: adopt them

Three little letters or a simple syllable ... no more! The short names have the wind in their sails. They sound a bit like diminutives but are names in their own right. Let yourself be seduced by our selection of short names.

Cuddly names!

20 cuddly first names

Need a little sweetness right now? We understand it! We have prepared for you a selection of names with soft sounds or cuddly meaning to warm your heart.

Cuddly names!

20 Chinese names

The Chinese names, short, original and often poetic in their meaning, invite to travel. First names of girls or boys, discover our selection of the most beautiful names come straight from China.

Cute names

10 first names of girls in Johnny's songs

Laura, Jade, Joy, Gabrielle, Carole ... so many feminine names that set the rocker's songs on fire. Will his disappearance on December 6, 2017 bring them back to light? This is the opportunity in any case to (re) discover!

First names cannons!

Mexican names

With the release on the screens of the movie Coco, Mexico is in the spotlight! The opportunity to discover pretty Mexican names. Miguel as the little hero of the film, but also Yuma, Anahi, Itzl, Estafania, Alejandro ... full of original ideas!

Sunny names.

The names Minion

Want a Minion baby name? Of course, you will not call it Gru, but other names of this famous series will give you the banana (favorite food of Minions do not forget!).

Too Minion!

The first names for baby nature

More current than ever, the green trend also flourishes in the first names. Gaia, Eole, Calandra ... some names are green-friendly in their meaning or story close to Nature. Want a baby name "green"? This selection is for you!

20 first names green friendly.

The names of the autumn

Charles as the great Charlemagne, but also Julie as the first woman to have had his Bac or Maria for the one who is at the origin of the Montessori method ... we make a small tour of these names who made the school?

20 names that made the school.

20 colorful baby names

A baby will soon put beautiful colors in your life, and if you choose a colorful name? Blanche, Garance, Neela, Zohra, Malvina, Yolan ... choose from our range of names!

Flashy names

10 first names "pill" for baby

Give a baby a pill name? It is sometimes the choice of some parents for their baby said "designed under pill". Hard to swallow? By necessity, it can also make a beautiful name (and nice memories).

Names inspired.

20 first names who MARQUEnt

Aubert, Mercedes, Sony, Chanel ... Who from the egg or the chicken came first? The question becomes crucial adapted to these 20 first names to which we attach faces as well as products.

Branded names!

20 first names jazzy

Want a sweet name in your ears? Why not a jazzy name, inspired by the greatest jazz artists of yesterday and today? You will find all the inspiration in our beautiful directory!

Names that swing!

30 first names in A originals

Do not want to call her Emma, ​​Andrea or Lea, but looking for a name ending in A anyway? Fill up on ideas!

A ... dorables!

30 first names

What name for your baby of love? Let us guide you through our selection of names derived from the words "love" and "desire" or those of famous lovers!

Names of love

The first names of February

Ella, Felix, Apolline, Romain, Enora ... what do all these pretty names have in common? They celebrate in February and are our favorites of the moment.

First names to celebrate.

20 Star Wars First Names

Leia, Luke, Anakin, Kylo ... many parents have already been seduced by these Padawan names. Are you going to put stars in your eyes and, most importantly, which side of the Force will you choose?

Padawan names.

OUF baby names

Today we can give everything as a name ... and civil status officers see all the colors! Hence the idea of ​​publishing "Anti-Guide Names", with the most wacky names they have been confronted with. Yes, for real!

20 amazing names!

Halloween names for little monsters

Joffrey, Jason, Freddy, Christine ... For the Halloween party on October 31, offers a selection of names worthy of the greatest horror movies. Come on, not even afraid, your little monster will be a real little heart!

Names of hell!

10 names that dance

Isadora (Duncan), Benjamin (Millepied), Allegra (Kent) ... star names that make us want to dance. Come on, are we revising our classics? Their names are often less so.

See the first names.

30 Basque names full of character

Originally from the Basque country or just love this beautiful region, you think give your baby a Basque name? Good idea !

Cape on the Basque names.

Sail the Breton names

Gwendal, Nolwenn, Brieuc ... the Breton names evoke the land of the Celts and, above all, give us a taste of the holidays!

Marine names.

Cults, the names Game of Thrones

The cult series Game of Thrones is not the only one to know a great success ... the names of his characters too! Already many small Arya and Daenerys have been recorded ... to follow.

Amazing names.

Names in Y, we believe!

Yaëlle, Yolan, Youna, Ylan ... Still rare in maternity homes and playgrounds, names beginning in Y are both original and full of sweetness.

Let's go ?

The names of the children of the Blues

Of the 23 players selected in the France team for Euro 2016, some are also dads. Evan Giroud, Maïna Koscielny, Sacha Mandanda, Kaïs Sagna ... discover the names of these seeds of champions!

What names?

First names: we see life in Blues!

The Euro is until July 10, 2016 and football fans will be at the party! The opportunity to discover the names of the players of the team of France ... to be inspired. Names of champions, we hope!

Champions the first names.

The names of Roland-Garros

Zoom on tennis and Roland-Garros! And if you chose for your baby a name of champion? Discover our favorites among the world's tennis players. And select your winner of the year!

Winning names.

Medieval names: 30 ideas

Searching for a name for your baby is a bit of a quest for the Grail ... Get inspired by the pretty names of the Middle Ages, castles and the legend of the Knights of the Round Table. Our selection of medieval names and all their derivatives.

Names full of history.

Compound names: play the originality

Today, mixed first names no longer marry Anne to Marie or Jean to Pierre ... alliances are done with Rose, Lili, Théo, Noé or Félix and the parents play the originality. Discover our selections and the main interest of this type of names being to be composed ... to you to create yours!

First names: compose!

"Precious" names: Gemma, Amber, Ruby, Poenui, Agathe, Oriane ...

What is more precious than your baby? For the name of your baby, think of precious stones and other pearls! Gemma, Amber, Ruby, Poenui, Agathe, Oriane ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about 20 golden names for your treasure!

20 first names in gold!

Names pseudo of stars

Ayo, Shy'm, Arno, Sinclair, Lio, Mika, Anggun ... Whether their real name or not, original inventions or first names, the choice of stars for their pseudo influence sometimes parents. Does it tempt you?

First names apart.

20 first names spring

Place for renewal, sweetness, young shoots and flowers! If you are looking for a name for your future baby, an idea will surely spring with this spring selection.

First names of spring.

20 first names EXTRA-PAS-ORDINARY

In search of an original name for baby, there are surely some that you have not thought! How about Liméo, Thayna, Keirian, Maÿllé ... Here is a small collection of finds from parents who are really out of the ordinary.

Can you repeat ?

First names: all schuss on the mountain

Want a baby's first name for the season? Whether they evoke the snow, the mountain or the north, here is a selection of ideal names for babies born in the heart of winter!

Names 100% mountain.

Inventors' names

Want an inventive name for your baby? Why not that of a famous inventor ... useless to dig your brains, we have concocted a small selection of names of creative geniuses!

30 ideas of genius!

30 first names to hum

Want a melodious name for baby? Think of the names of the songs! Izia, Roxanne, Andy, Laura ... discover 30 first names to hum. And above all, turn up the sound!

We sing ?

Disney names: cap on magic

The Disney names ... an enchanting choice for your princess or little prince. From Elsa's Snow Queen to Andy's Toy Story, to Ariel's The Little Mermaid, a Disney country-themed choice. With bonus, animated gifs!

Names of dreams.

Gourmet names

A baby name to eat? The good idea! Florentin, Sugar, Caroline, Mouna, Angélique, Honoré, Hazel ... Crack for one of the soft names of our selection. There is one that will melt you!

Names to chew.

25 lucky first names

What do you wish for this new year besides a max of happiness and a baby of love? We also wish you to give him a name full of promise and hope as those of this selection.

Lucky first names!

30 first names that do not look cold

Want a baby with character? A little warrior or lion cub full of courage and strength? Rely on the etymology of these 30 names that are not cold ... far from it!

Brave names!

30 forbidden first names in the world

In terms of names, all choices are allowed or almost! It must be said that parents do not lack imagination when it comes to play the card of originality ... at the risk sometimes to be recalibrated. Here is an anthology of names forbidden by the authorities everywhere in the world ...

No to these names!

35 first names from our favorite TV shows

Your butt will soon point the tip of his nose, but you have not found the ideal name? Why not take inspiration from characters from your favorite series? Game Of thrones, Scandal, The Mentalist or Flash, discover our selection of 35 first names from successful TV series.

We do not zap!

Names BCBG

Are you looking for a "classy" first name for your future baby? Draw ideas. Alix, Leopoldine, Enguerrand, Sixtine, Edgar ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty names.

Chic first names

Names full of quality

Clement, Constant, Kind, Grace or Auguste ... some names carry meaning. This does not mean that your child will have these qualities, but why not try!

See the first names.

Soccer names: champions

Let's get straight to the point, you want to give your future baby a name of champion and the balloon? Thiago, Lilian, Gaetane, Karim, Cristiano, Zlatan ... we made our "mercato" of 22 first names among the players (and players) of football of the whole world.

Sports first names.

The calendar of the names of the saints

Which saint should you choose for the name of your baby? Why not to the saints of our calendar? This may give you some ideas ... and sometimes you will also smile with quite surprising names.

See the calendar.

Corsican names: they have character

Want a beautiful name for your baby? Think of those of the Island of Beauty! Originals, the Corsican names come from different cultures because many people have passed through this island in the course of history. Petru, Chjara, Antone, Andrea, Batista, Felice ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty Corsican first names.

Cape on the South.

Retro names: the return

Retro names, some have class, others make us smile ... But beware, they have the rating! Marcel, Rose, Octave, Adele, Celestin ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration ... all about 20 first names retro.

See the first names.

Japanese names

Cape on the land of the rising sun! If you are looking for a name - "namae" in Japanese - original for your baby, it's a distant track but full of beauty! Emiko, Akira, Aiko, Kaori, Hanae ...: discover the origin and meaning of 20 Japanese names.

20 Japanese first names.


British names: Charlotte, Kate, William, Pippa, Harry, Diana ...

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana ... we finally know the names of the royal princess born on May 3rd! For the occasion, zoom on his name and the other names of the royal family!

Names so British!

Italian names: that's us!

Cape on Italy and sunny names! Matteo, Chiara, Ugo, Giulia ... the Italian names have a certain charm and sing to our ears. So, what name for your future sunbeam? 20 ideas that we liked.

Singing names.

Flower first names: an outbreak of sweetness

Of course, there is Rose or Marguerite in the flower names ... but not only! Nature has sown many other ideas that we will make you discover. Nao, Lilian, Capucine or Lilac ... here are 20 names of flowers for your future baby.

See our names of flowers.


First names chewable

In the revolutionary calendar, we found Raisin or Currant. They have never "pushed" as first names, but others yes. Plum, Apple, Cherry ... some of the fruit names are only worn by a handful of children, but that's what could really appeal to you!

Fruity names.

Winter names ... hot in front!

Your baby will be born in the heart of winter, why not choose a name of the season? Neva, Hermine, Fiona, Alban, Sylvestre ... discover 20 names that are not cold!

See the first names.

Fairy premons: a magic choice

A fairy name? A magic idea for your future baby. There is Morgane or Melusine, of course, but did you think of Aveline, Ciela, Alvina, Noa ... 20 fairy names to discover or rediscover.

20 fairy prenosm.

25 Biblical First Names for Little Angels

Rachel, Aaron, Nathan, Adam, Naomi ... Biblical names are a wonderful source of inspiration for your baby. Deep names, with a story ... and especially timeless!

Zoom on Biblical first names.


Autumnal names: a harvest of ideas

Names kings of forests, inspired by hunting, from harvest or vines ... come and pick some ideas of names for your baby in our harvest.

See the first names.

Royal names

Emperors, queens ... the history of the names often crosses the great History! If you are looking for a name idea for your future king or princess, this is an excellent track.

Names full of history

Rock first names

Want a name full of energy for your baby? Think about rock names. Mick, Jimi, Amy, Elvis ... let yourself be carried away by the names of the rock stars!

Names that move

First names globe-trotters

Sofia, Victoria, Beverly, Milan, Olympia ... Go on a trip with these 20 names of cities and countries and maybe find the inspiration for the name of your future baby. A future globe-trotter?

See the first names.

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