Ilyan Meaning - Origin and Names

Ilyan Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Ilyan means "big", "nobility" or "superiority".

From his Hebrew origin, Ilyan means "the Lord is my God".


Ilian Stoyanov, Bulgarian footballer.

His character :

Ilyan is active and dynamic. Enemy of the routine, he needs action and change to feel alive. He is passionate about discoveries and new experiences, he does not stay in place and loves the unexpected. Extremely sure of himself, he gives off some assurance. Full of diplomacy, he is a real leader. He also has great adaptability and perseverance.


Ilian, Ilian, Illian, Ylian, Ylianne, Iliann, Iliano and Yllian.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to people named Ilyan.

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