Name Ingeborg - Meaning and origin

Name Ingeborg - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic

Meaning of the name:

The name Ingeborg is derived from Nordic mythology and refers to the German goddess "Inge". Also coming from "burg" meaning "castle", it is not surprising that many medieval princesses bore this name, including Ingeborg of Denmark, daughter of Valdemar I, who married the King of France Philippe Auguste.

From the former Scandinavian "Ingibjörg", Ingeborg is inspired by legends and comes from "Ing", protector of female fertility, and "björg", which means "help", "save" or "rescue", but also "protection" and "fortress".


Ingeborg, mother of Ragnvald Ulfsson.

Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of France, wife of Philip II of France and daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark.

Ingeborg of Denmark, Duchess of Mecklenburg, wife of Henry III, Duke of Mecklenburg and daughter of Valdemar IV.

Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of Norway, wife of Magnus VI and daughter of Eric IV.

Ingeborg of Norway, Scandinavian Royal Duchess and Regent of Sweden and Norway.

Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, fifth child of Frederick VIII and Queen Louise of Denmark.

His character :

Endowed with ambition, courage and a strong will, the Ingeborg are women of stature. Very dynamic, these women need to spend themselves and be in perpetual motion to feel alive. True passionate souls, the Ingeborg are motivated by their dreams for the future and their plans for the future. Possessing strong magnetism, these women know how to impose their somewhat original personality. Confident in themselves, the Ingeborg have intuition and are very insightful, which goes hand in hand with their bubbling imagination.


Bolla, Imbor, Ingborg, Ingebor, Ingeburg, Ingebjørg, Inga, Inge, Inka, Ingiborg and Ingibjörg.

His party :

September 2nd.

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