What is the use of a blanket?

What is the use of a blanket?

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Is it normal for him to drag his teddy bear everywhere?

What is a cuddly toy?

  • According to the little ones, the blanket can be a plush, a piece of cloth, a toy ... one day, your child adopts it and does not want to leave it, whatever its aspect or its smell!

What's the point ?

  • Psychologists call it "transitional object" because the blanket is the link between the house and the outside, you and others. In fact, it reassures your toddler, helps him fall asleep and consoles him when he separates from you.

For who ?

  • About half of the children have a blanket. It usually appears around 6-8 months of your baby and can last a long time, up to 6 years, sometimes more ... hidden under the duvet! Some children do not have a blanket, maybe they are less anxious than their friends "dudouphiles", but nothing is less certain!

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