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Hay fever, how to relieve it?

Hay fever, how to relieve it?

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As soon as the fields bloom, your child cries and blows constantly. The fault with pollens suspended in the air that are inhaled with each breath. How to help?

The problem

Pollen allergy affects 10 to 15% of children. Unfortunately, a small proportion is diagnosed and managed. The idea that this disease passes over time is still ingrained in people's minds.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Sneezing, tirelessly sniffing tiredness and preventing him from indulging in his favorite activities.
  • You. You do not like to see it in this state. You dread that this allergy does not evolve in asthma.


He has a congested nose

Your child sneezes constantly, often as soon as you wake up. His nose runs frequently, irritating his throat.

  • What has to be done. Rinse your nose regularly with saline.
  • In everyday life, avoid pollens to the maximum. For example, ventilate your room preferably in the morning, this is the time of day when they are the least numerous.
  • When bathing, rinse your hair to prevent pollen accumulated during the day to settle on the pillow and trigger nighttime irritation.

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