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Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 2

Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 2

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Red-Caboche, the child found, plays like crazy in the land of leprechauns! But today, everything will switch. After anger (yes, he too!), He goes to see the sea and make a strange discovery ...

  • Yet one night, Rouge-Caboche is angry. The leprechauns have decided to go and drink the new cider which the locals have filled the casks. But cider, Rouge-Caboche does not like it. Ugh! It scratches the throat and it stings the nose! So he does not want to go.
  • He is stubborn, Red-Caboche, he screams, he stamps his foot. So much so that leprechauns have enough. They plant it there, all alone, on the moor, and they dance to the village.
  • Red Caboche says to himself: " Very good, good riddance! They annoy me, these leprechauns! I'm going to see the sea, that's it! "
  • When Rouge-Caboche arrives on the beach, he plays a little with the sea, he picks up some shells. Then, after a while, he does not know what to do. It was then that he saw a little stone house at the closed door, with closed shutters.
  • Oh, he never came to that house! There are always pranks to do in a house. And a door and shutters closed, it never prevented a child of leprechauns to enter. Red Caboche is going to sneak through the chimney ...
  • And poof! It falls noiselessly on the ashes of the fire. But arrived there, it's funny, Rouge-Caboche does not want to make jokes anymore. He sniffs a little and finds that she feels grief, this house.
  • In the light of the moon, he discovers a young lady sleeping in a bed of wood. She sighs heavily as she sleeps and tears have dried on her cheeks. Near the bed, there is a cradle without a baby in it.
  • Rouge-Caboche approaches and pushes the cradle gently. She sways with a little squeak. And in her bed, the young lady shakes a little. Then she whispers: "Sleep, Pierrick, sleep, my little one!"
  • And on his face, there is like a little smile that digs a dimple on his cheek.

But who is this lady? You, you surely have a little idea! Read the end.

A story written by Marie-Hélène Delval, illustrated by Benoît Debecker, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.