Valentine's day: enjoy a romantic evening

Valentine's day: enjoy a romantic evening

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From January 9 to February 3, 2017, Family Sphere, leader in home childcare, launches its big quiz to win a Valentine's Day party. On this occasion, happy parents are also in love!

  • We do not forget! Valentine's Day is February 14th ... Notice everyone! Leader in home childcare, society Family Sphere organizes again this year a great contest for parents in love.
  • 10 parents can spend a moment alone and enjoy Valentine's Day!
  • The Family Sphere company offers Internet users to participate in a quiz on its Facebook page to earn bank transfers up to 150 €.
  • To participate, simply go to the Family Sphere Facebook page and play the "slot machine". The participant must click on the "Play" button. Three scrolls of symbols start to spin. If three hearts line up, it's won!
  • Attention, you have until February 3 to play! I play !