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Dressing up, he loves

Dressing up, he loves

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Shrove Tuesday is the opportunity for your Zorro or your budding princess to slip into the skin of his favorite characters ... But when he disguises himself, he does not change only costume!

When he disguises himself, he believes himself!

  • It is often around 3 years that your child discovers the pleasure of disguising himself. He takes a sheet to play the ghost, an apron turned into a knight's cape, mom's shoes to make the lady! More and more interested in stories, he projects himself into a fabulous universe. Your child will not only play ... he goes "for fake" to slip into the skin of one of his favorite characters. With Batman's cloak, Harry Potter's glasses or Darth Vader's mask, your little boy feels invulnerable. As for your daughter, with her dress of princess or fairy, she "believes herself"!

As beautiful as mom, as strong as dad!

  • At the age when your child realizes that he is a boy or a girl, disguising himself is not just changing his costume! Around 3 or 4 years old, your child is "right in the Oedipus". Adorned with all the feminine attributes of seduction, your little princess can live, in the game, to be "like mother". As for your son, so strong with his mask of Zorro, here he is ready to compete with his father! One way to assimilate the oedipal prohibition: "No, we do not get married to his mother or dad!"
  • You fear that your princess is a little too poseuse and your superhero is too violent? Again, through disguise, your child expresses thoroughly what he does not always allow himself out of the game. The "It looks like we would be ..." marks the limits.

To disguise is to break the rules

  • The disguise allows to reconnect with the carnival tradition that wanted to overthrow the rules, laws, mores ... the time of the holiday. When your Tinkerbell runs through the streets or your Indian turns your living room into a Sioux encampment, they feast on doing what is not usually allowed. They throw confetti on the floor, make a hell of hell with makeshift instruments ... It's party time!
  • Because it stimulates the dream and the imagination, the disguise favors the psychic development of your child. Disguising is seeing life from another angle. A skimmer becomes a helmet, a wooden spoon a sword, reads a pirate ship ... His daily universe ends up passing on the other side of the mirror. Does he really think about Zorro? Never hard as iron. When your daughter has a magic wand for example, she knows she will not really turn the cat into a toad. On the other hand, she likes to play with this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčomnipotence!

Disguise: Long live the recovery

  • Of course, you can buy a range in the trade. Clothes cowboys or movie heroes, fairy dresses and princesses, animal costumes for all, here is the offer available ... which is always small effect, at least in its packaging! These outfits are usually not cheap and do not grow with your child. So why not let your creative talents express? Play the card of recovery: old hat, bow tie, old-fashioned dress, scarf ... but also glitter, ribbons, junk jewelry! Sometimes a simple lining fabric can be used to make - seamlessly - the most wonderful princess train! Also use cardboard that is cut and painted easily and in which you can make a sword, a mask ... crepe paper or felt that advantageously replace the fabric, aluminum foil that can surround the best effect any handle in wood to turn it into a fairy wand or intergalactic sword, etc.

Never without my glitter!

  • What princess worthy of the name would go out without her glittery gel and rose on her lips? What clown without his red nose? You can, of course, use your palette of makeup but beware of removing make-up. It must be fast and effective or it will spoil the party with "Mom, that's the eye!" Instead, opt for makeup that is diluted with water, as well as brushes and a sponge foundation (which spreads easily make-up). The make-up certainly completes the disguise, but the kids are usually quite eager to finish this session.

"I do not want to disguise myself ..."

  • At the last moment, he refuses to put on his costume? What if the other parents thought you did not do anything for your son's costume? Shame. It's useless, however, to force him into Winnie the Pooh's faux-fur suit. For him, being another character is perhaps too hard and too early. Before 3-4 years old, masks and extreme makeups can still disrupt her bearings and impress her. His costume (even if it is his favorite hero) may appear too colorful, offbeat ... in short, too weird for your toddler who does not like the change too much. Better to limit his disguise to an accessory, diadem or sword for example. At the end of the day, he will probably have snatched some of his friends. And at the next party, he may be the first to jump in his coat of light!

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