Be in cahoots with the color!

Be in cahoots with the color!

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Nothing like a few strands of a lighter tone to brighten a hair a little sad. Color, brightness, relief, contrast ... Put a touch of sun in your hair and succeed your home coloring with our advice.

Wicks or sweeping: the benefits

  • The locks or the sweep (only the width of the locks varies) give relief, a flattering "sunburn" on dull hair.
  • If you are afraid of a transformation too radical, these techniques allow to color them gently with a natural result and nuanced. Since the product does not come into contact with the scalp, you can safely start even if you are expecting a baby. You do not need to try to check that you are not allergic.
  • Another advantage: as they do not touch the whole of the hair, there is no "root effect" when the hair grows back, which allows you to wait two or three months before starting the operation again.
  • If you have some white hair (maximum 30%), the wicks will hide them nicely, but only if your base is clear. Two restrictions: the locks do not "take" (the contrast is not visible) on very dark hair and those tinted by a color tone on tone not definitive.


Listening to their consumers, brands selling coloring products to use at home offer an increasingly wide and diversified choice to satisfy all your desires. The possibilities of coloring that only the hairdressers could previously propose are today at your disposal. To get a nice result, here are 3 rules to follow before you start.

1. Determine the color of your hair

  • First and foremost, be clear about the color of your hair, whether natural or colored. To do this, carefully read the color references on the packaging. Are you perplexed? Ask a sales clerk and do not hesitate to get in touch by phone with a counselor who can guide you (her phone number is on the box).
  • If you are blonde, dark blonde or light brown, opt for clear locks obtained by fading. The palette of colors available to you will be a declination of blond, gold to ashen as up to platinum.
  • If your base is darker, brown or even dark brown, you will have recourse to locks, certainly clearer, but result of a permanent or definitive coloration that only the progressive regrowth of the hair will fade gradually. Do you like fantasy? Dare red or purple. If you are wiser, you will be satisfied by a shades of copper, mahogany or brown.

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