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Baby torticollis, what to do?

Baby torticollis, what to do?

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You are very happy to cuddle but, to observe your baby, it seems to you that he has a funny way to position his head. Is this normal? The advice of Dr. Rémy Assathiany, pediatrician.

  • From birth, or a few weeks later, your baby obviously keeps his head still tilted on the same side. You even have the impression that one of his shoulders is higher than the other. Your baby looks uncomfortable and grimaces if you try to turn his head to the other side. An attitude that worries you.


He has mild congenital torticollis

  • A poor position of the head of your future baby in the uterus at the end of pregnancy, or during a difficult delivery, can cause contracture of the terno-cleido-mastoid muscle. It is the muscle that fits on the sternum, clavicle and the part of the bone located at the back of the ear. The head then rotates and tilts to one side.

What has to be done

  • First of all reassure you! This muscle torticollis is benign.
  • Consult the doctor or pediatrician. Once diagnosed, he will explain how to get your baby to turn his head to the other side. Simple but effective: place in its cradle all that interests it on the opposite side to its privileged position: its night light, its mobile, its blanket ...
  • During the day, place it on your stomach and play by drawing his eyes to the side that is not natural to him. By shaking a rattle, for example. Very quickly, your baby will find a good mobility of the head.

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