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All about the dental flare

All about the dental flare

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Teething is an important step for you and your baby, but also a delicate passage that comes with pain ... and crying. How to relieve it? In what order do his teeth come out? How to take care of it ? Our file.

Baby teeth: the order of exit

When and in what order will your baby's milk teeth point? This milestone in the development of your baby usually begins around 6 months and ends around 3 years. Over here the quenottes!

A painful dental breakthrough

The appearance of teeth raises many questions for parents. In what order do your baby's teeth grow? How to relieve it when this dental flare is accompanied by pain? The advice of our expert, Dr. Alain Amzalag, dentist. His quenottes in question.

Ouch, he's teething!

Twenty pretty girls, it's perfect to chew on life! But until they pierce, your toddler is grumpy, he salivates and nibbles his fist all day long. This is not pleasant ... neither for him nor for you! Let's pierce the mysteries of the dental flare.

Fever, red buttocks ...: signs of dental flare

Your baby's cheeks are on fire, fever, loose stools, red buttocks, runny noses for several days ... these are the signs of teething. Explanations and tips to relieve it. He's teething?

Dental thrust, what do you know?

Does your infant have his first teeth? This is an opportunity to check your knowledge of teething with this quiz. I'm doing the quiz.

Dental thrusts: how to relieve it

Zero, one or five teeth that grow, whatever, you must relieve your child of the pain caused by the release of his teeth. How? You can use, alternately, different stratagems. Ideas that do good.

Dental push: phyto, homeo ... nature remedies

Red cheeks, swollen gums, diaper rash, diarrhea or moderate fever ... here are his first teeth piercing. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... try these 4 natural and effective remedies to relieve your baby when he has a toothache. I'm relieving him!

Which teething ring to choose?

Ouch! Your little one is teething and it hurts him? Offer him a teething ring to chew. This little object should relieve him quickly. Teething ring: our advice.

He still has no teeth, is it normal?

His crèche friends already have premolars. And your child? Not the least quenotte in sight to almost 1 year! Should we worry? Will they arrive? Will he be able to chew? Still no teeth? Patience!

From when to brush baby's teeth?

Clean to protect your child's quenottes, a gesture to make from the beginning of his life, the first months. It is essential to have beautiful teeth later! Pretty quenottes!

Video: how to take care of your teeth

As soon as they appear, his small teeth deserve all your attention. Daily care, visit to the dentist ... do not neglect anything! The advice of Dr. Béatrice di Mascio, pediatrician. I watch the video.

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