Baby's knit Long live the winter wind

Baby's knit Long live the winter wind

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At your needles! Knit sweet outfits for your child. Sweater, vest, dress, jumpsuit, hat ...

Baby's knit Vive the winter wind (20 pics)

Vintage vest

A poppy seedling and matching buttons, here is the original touch of this retro model.
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Shoulder tank

Two buttons on the shoulders and here is a vest easy to put on, knitted in jersey and edged with garter stitch.
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Top trend

Sparkling yarn at will and a button placket offset: too cute, the little top.
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Little shoes

Two ties pumped at the ankle ... these pretty shoes will not leave his feet.
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Complete Combi

Two rows at the place, two rows upside down and here is a very cozy anti-cold outfit.
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Stripes sorbet

Good-looking effect assured with this sweater shades of pink in camaieu.
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Chinese sweater

On a mottled background, a large frieze of stylized flowers holds the front of the stage on this classic sweater.
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Alpine beanie

A trio of tassels highlights the jacquard frieze.
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Raglan sweater

The plum tone marries the saffron forming a broad floral band on this jersey sweater place.
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Mini mittens

The two pair and do not get lost, sewn to a thong knitted in tone on tone.
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Nutcracker Tunic

A squirrel is outlined in jacquard on this flared tunic with contrast elbow patches.
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Bra with hearts

Crossed on the front, it warms the little bellies of a frieze of patterns in jacquard.
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Belted bra

Crossed in the back, this bra has a good support thanks to its link to tie at the waist.
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Knotted slippers

To make velvet paws, these slippers rely on a sole in garter stitch and laces with pompoms.
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Hooded vest

Ready to hit the slopes in this jacket with a roller coaster decor.
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Zig-zag bra

The tops turn on the yoke of this jersey-buttoned bra in the back.
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Laced booties

The little feet will stay warm this winter in these slippers with tongue and laces.
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Angel's Nest

He will sleep like a kitten in this cocoon of softness with a large hood.
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Gingham sweater

Your little wolf will stand in check in this sweater where they stand at the hands.
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Leprechaun Beanie

A two-tone pompon on each side ... his little face will love.
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Production : Elisabeth Tzimakas. Creations: Patricia Antoine, Chrystelle Ledoux and Catherine Bouquerel for Phildar.
Photos: Matthieu Cesch.

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