Head down, seat ... what does it change?

Head down, seat ... what does it change?

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Most often, it is upside down that your baby is positioned for birth. But sometimes, he sometimes plays the originals presenting his posterior or his shoulder! What does it mean on the day?

  • How important is your future baby? Essential! Because all presentations are not equal: some favor a simple delivery, others complicate it clearly, can even impose a decision to practice a cesarean section. The explanations of our specialists.


  • Your baby shows upside down and buttocks in the air. It is his head that will first cross all the obstacles separating him from the outside: your pelvis, which looks like a kind of tunnel, the cervix, the vagina and the perineum. And because he has the "big head" - she has the largest diameter of all parts of her body - once she is gone, the rest follows!
  • This is the most common presentation (94.8% * of future mothers). But it can be broken down into several variants.

His head is at the front of your pool

  • What does it look like ? Your toddler is rolled into a ball! His head is bent forward, and he is resting his chin on his chest. His back is to your left (or right) and the back of his skull touches the front left (right) part of your pelvis.
  • How it will go ? There is no more favorable presentation and it is the most common! Your baby has everything planned so as not to get stuck en route. He began by angling his head slightly oblique to offer the smallest diameter of his skull (9.5 cm on average) at the entrance to your pelvis. As he goes down, he does not hesitate to change direction several times to marry the "reliefs" he meets. A real eel! Thus, while he left with the head slightly at an angle, as if he looked at his shoulder, he goes out with his head well in the axis of his spine, as if he were looking at the ground. And what's more, he has come to position in the center of your pelvis, under your pubis. That's why he chose the left-front (or right) part of your pool as a starting block: to have only a quarter turn to perform by the exit.

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