Name Hena - Meaning of origin

Name Hena - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

"Hena" means "grace" or "graceful" in Yiddish.
In India, the term "hena" (or henna or hina) refers to the plant used inter alia in dyeing.


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The actress Hena Berigny, seen especially in "Tourne Cave" (2012).

His character :

Deeply worried, Hena seems nevertheless full of life and authoritarian in society. His apparent charisma usually gives him an extraordinary persuasive force. His austere air also allows him to stand out in society. On the other hand, this imposing woman likes to command and to be respected by her peers. Nobody enough reserved, Hena remains very sociable because of her need to be admired. However, she is careful to keep a certain distance between herself and others for her introspection sessions. She is also very selective about her new friends. Indeed, this emotional woman is helpful, charming and somewhat possessive with her family. As a result, she carefully chooses who to introduce into her circle of friends.
As a child, Hena is wise and responsible. The atmosphere prevailing in his family circle is really decisive for his emotional balance present and future. In addition, this anguished little girl needs to be comforted constantly to gain in insurance. She is very perfectionist and particularly likes to dwell on the details. However, this aspect of his character leads him to focus on insignificant things to lose sight of the essential. As a result, the parents of little Hena must inculcate perseverance and the value of time. She will be able to put order in his priorities without wasting time with trifles. His relatives must also forge the character to prevent him from becoming dependent and vulnerable.


Henna, Henda, Henye, Hina, Henna, Haenne, Hajna and Henneke.

His party :

The Hena have no known feast in the calendar.

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