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A pacifier connected to take the temperature of babies!

A pacifier connected to take the temperature of babies!

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A message on your phone telling you that your toddler has a fever, does that tell you? It is now possible thanks to a bluetooth pacifier that warns you in real time if baby has temperature. (News of 04/04/14)

  • Parents of the future may not be able to do without new technologies to take care of their baby! The latest example is the high-tech baby pacifier from the British brand Blue Maestro, which not only allows you to take the child's temperature, but also sends you a message on your tablet or smartphone to warn you when he has a fever.
  • For this to be possible, a temperature sensor is integrated into the silicone nipple. As soon as the child has a fever, and if you activate the bluetooth function, this data is transmitted to the application. This nipple works with a very low energy, it is safe for the baby, according to the manufacturer. Second advantage of this pacifier: you can keep the various temperature readings in memory, on the application, to share this information with your doctor, or the nursery.
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