Name Joana - Meaning of the Name

Name Joana - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

Joana is derived from the name Jeanne, from Hebrew "Yohanan" which means "God is merciful" or "gift of God".

Through cultures, languages ​​and eras, Joana has the same connotation and the same story. As an example, in America and France, Joana also means "gift of God". In its biblical meaning, the first name translates as "grace of God". Ditto for the Latin version which means "God is benevolent".

In English, Joana is John's feminine and a variant of the Latin Johanna.


Joana Hadjithomas, Lebanese producer, screenwriter and director, Joana Ramos, Portuguese judoka, Joana Vasconcelos, Portuguese sculptor, Joana Preiss, French actress (Paris, I love you), Joana Balavoine, daughter of singer Daniel Balavoine.

Joana celebrates with Joan of Arc, figurehead in the liberation of France from the grip of the English in the 15th century. She was condemned for heresy, then burned at the stake in 1431.

His character :

Joana is active, lively and dynamic. She has only one goal in mind: to realize her dreams and her projects. His motivation is insatiable and his ambition unshakable. She also knows how to be flexible when it is necessary and is a great help for her loved ones whom she knows how to advise and listen.


Giovanni, Ian, Ioannes, Jan, Jann, Jano, Janos, Janot, Jehan, Joan, Joanna, Joao, Johan, Johannes, Johanna, Johannes, Johannus, John, Johnny, Juan.

His party :

The Joana are celebrated on May 30th.

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