Name Joelle - Meaning and origin

Name Joelle - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

From Hebrew "Yô'el", Yahweh is God.


French publisher Joëlle Losfeld, Belgian politician Joëlle Milquet and French pop singer Joëlle Mogensen once upon a time.

In the Bible, son of Petruel, Joel is one of the "twelve little prophets". He would have lived in Judea around the 6th century BC. He is above all the prophet of the outpouring of the Spirit, of Pentecost and also of penance.

His character :

Smiling and warm, Joëlle is easy to approach and pleasant to live. In difficult times, she is the one who cheers up the troupe and never loses hope. Thanks to her optimism, she manages to overcome everything. Sociable, Joëlle enjoys outings with friends and takes the opportunity to relax. Responsible, his first quality is to know how to adapt to all situations. In the face of chess, she bounces like a cat and always falls back on her feet. Child, Joëlle is sparkling with life and is interested in everything. True ball of energy, it never stays in place and is bored quickly if it does not take care.


Jodie, Jody, Joelline, Joelliane and Yoelle.

His party :

Joëlles are celebrated on July 13th.

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