It's not just pollen!

It's not just pollen!

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the 6th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February issue of. Today, zoom on allergens.

  • Outside, it's really pollen the main cause of respiratory allergies. At home, we must look for pets, cats priority. The problem does not come from the hairs themselves, but from substances in the urine, saliva and sebaceous glands that are carried by the hair. The symptoms are often respiratory, but can also be cutaneous when put in contact with the hairs. Red patches and pimples appear on the skin.
  • You also know the problem of mites who feed on dead skin particles. FYI, a mattress can contain two million mites. Save who can!

What is the secret to limit allergens?

  • Again and again the eviction. In principle, you have already battled mites preventively at the birth of your baby, ventilating, chasing dust, limiting lint like double curtains and avoiding overheating parts. Phew! But the war is not over. It is also important to equip an anti-mite cover with the mattress your child is lying on and yours if he or she slips into your bed. For the most sensitive, there are also covers for pillowcases and duvets. Opt for models without acaricide.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

Allergies: other tips.

Find more information in "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February 2011 issue of.

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