Name Johnny - Meaning and origin

Name Johnny - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Johnny comes from the name "Jean" in French or "John" in English.

"Yehohanan" is Johnny's first name and also many other names. Composed of "Yeho" and "Hanan", "Yehohanan" means "God forgives".

Since his introduction in the culture of different countries and especially in the English culture, Johnny is one of the male names that is still in vogue. Johnny only became popular in French culture in 1960 and instantly enjoyed a dazzling success. Johnny Hallyday certainly contributed to the popularity of this name.


The male name Johnny is worn by various famous figures. The most famous of them are:
Johnny Hallyday, French comedian, composer and singer, Johnny Cash, country songwriter and guitarist, Johnny Winter, blues singer and guitarist, Johnny Griffin, American-born jazz saxophonist, Johnny Depp, screenwriter, director and American actor, Johnny Weissmuller, former swimmer and actor, best known for his role as Tarzan, Johnny Herbert, English car driver, Johnny Clegg, dancer and singer of South African origin, Johnny Osbourne, reggae singer in Jamaica ...

A future artist your baby?

His character :

Johnny has a very dynamic and energetic nature and is always looking for action and adventure. Generous and altruistic, this man likes to make himself useful and to please his friends and relatives. Curious and intelligent, this bouncy man is passionate about many things at once. Worker, he carries out his professional and personal projects.


Giovanni, Ioannes, Ivan, Ivano, Jan, Jann, Jano, Janos, Janot, Jehan, Johan, Johann, Johannes, Johannus, John, Johny, Juan, Sean, Vania, Yanis, Yann, Yannick, Yvan ...

His party :

December 27th.

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