Name Josépha - Meaning and origin

Name Josépha - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Josépha comes from the Hebrew "yôsep" meaning "God will add" or "God will increase my descendants". Note that this is a derivative of the first name Joseph.


Princesses Josepha from Bavaria and Josepha from Fürstenberg-Weitra, politician and international relations specialist Josepha Laroche, German soprano Josepha Weber ...

What future for your little princess?

Joseph the righteous was a carpenter from Nazareth. One day an angel appeared to him to announce that his fiancée Marie was pregnant with the son of God and that he had to marry her. He accepted the divine will and raised Jesus as his own son. He is the patron saint of Croatia, the third millennium and the new evangelization.

His character :

Josépha is an elegant person. She likes what is original and surprising. She undoubtedly has an artist's soul. She is also a woman you can count on. Although she is quite independent and adventurous, she enjoys being with her friends and family. Josépha is not attracted to trivial things like money or popularity. In fact, she does not pay attention to the comments of others and prefers to rely on her intuition.


Josette, Josiane, Josyane, Josée, Joséphine, Josèphe, Josianne

His party :

The Josépha are celebrated on March 19th.

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