Name Laudine - Meaning of origin

Name Laudine - Meaning of origin

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The name Laudine is the feminine derivative of Laud. It comes from the Latin word "laudare" which means "to praise".


Laudine, better known as the Lady of the Forest, is a character of Arthurian legends.
Laudine are celebrated the same day as Saint Laud. Laud or Lo was consecrated Bishop of Coutances and Brives in 525. He remained in office for forty years and participated in the Council of Orleans.

His character :

Laudine is a dynamic and active girl with a strong will. Highly motivated, she is deeply involved in all the projects she undertakes. Not counting her hours, she devotes herself to all the activities that can serve her interests. Overflowing with energy, she is indefatigable and often imposes her frantic rhythm on others, even if they do not always follow her. Laudine is a jovial, cheerful and talkative person. What she likes most is chatting with others. Often showing great curiosity, she enjoys being aware of all the topics and gossip around her. Sometimes, his curiosity is due to a need to inquire. Otherwise, it is a means to obtain information that will allow him to serve his interests. Having a practical spirit, Laudine is also intelligent and pragmatic. It does not bother with complicated situations, and when faced with a problem, often chooses the simplest and most expeditious solution. Although often facing problems of all kinds, Laudine remains a great optimist. She has a certain gift to play down the worst situations by resorting to humor and sometimes even to irony or sarcasm.


There is no derivative with the first name Laudine.

His party :

The Laudines are celebrated on September 22nd.

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