Name Laure-Anne - Meaning and origin

Name Laure-Anne - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Hebrew, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Laure-Anne is a first name. It is derived from the names Laure which means "laurel wreath" in Latin and Anne which means "grace" in Hebrew.


There are no celebrities with the name Laure-Anne.

His character :

Laure-Anne is a brilliant girl who dreams of taking center stage. Paradoxically, she is also introverted, taking advantage of solitude to withdraw into herself, reflect on the aspects of her life and on more or less important points. Laure-Anne is an original, disciplined and hardworking person looking for stability in her life and surroundings. Very intelligent, she knows how to be patient and voluntary, whatever the circumstances. Knowing how to perfectly exploit her analytical and mathematical mind, she can perform complex tasks that are beyond the reach of everyone. Although she has many qualities, the defects of Laure-Anne counterbalance its good sides. Rigid and stubborn, she is also known for her extraordinary obstinacy. Constantly seeking first place, she does not hesitate to be proud, proud and intolerant to impress and intimidate others. Laure-Anne appreciates art and aesthetics. Loving being adored and admired, she could embark on a career as a singer or actress. Despite her narcissistic and egocentric side, this girl has her heart on her hand. Generous, she does not think twice before helping anyone asking for her help.



His party :

There is no party for people named Laure-Anne.

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